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$4,650.00 $4,185.00

From a distance, you see a reminder of the traditional banjo. When you get behind a Classic Deluxe, you'll leave the others behind.


Many of our customers have been asking us to build a lighter banjo. Because of that, we have developed a few things to lighten our resonator banjo and are now happy to announce our newest Bishline model...The "Ultra-Light."

$4,790.00 $4,311.00

As beautiful and elegant as its mythical namesake, the Athena is substantially lighter light in weight but with no loss of tone. It is sonically bold and dripping with tone.

$4,899.00 $4,409.00

The Deering Maple Blossom is made from eastern violin grade curly maple, stained with a dark walnut stain, and adorned with flower mother of pearl inlays.


The Deering John Hartford banjo is a tribute banjo to a folk, bluegrass, and country legend. The John Hartford banjo features a big round tone that is full bodied with great bass and sweet highs.

$5,000.00 $4,500.00

The Nextar represents Nechville's desire to blend fine art with ultimate playability. Player comfort and aesthetic beauty both enhance creative musical expression.

$5,159.00 $4,643.10

The Diamond Joe is the signature model of renowned banjo player Sonny Smith, who oversaw and participated in the design of this very special model.

$5,195.00 $4,675.00

As you take the Nechville Orion into your grasp your attentiveness becomes focused on musical execution. The design and feel of the Orion will inspire your best playing.


The Golden Wreath is a traditional design of the classic banjos made in the 1930's. A mahogany prewar style bluegrass banjo with that J.D. Crowe sound, the Golden Wreath is a banjo made of higher quality materials and workmanship.

$5,249.00 $4,699.00

A maple, prewar style bluegrass banjo made like the classic banjos of the 1930's with the same materials and the same weight, design and features, the Golden Era is one of our most popular banjos for traditional bluegrass bands.


You get two full scales on the 24 Fret John Hartford Banjo and the added length of the neck moves the bridge to the center of the head giving a more rounded full bodied tone!


Capture the sound of the “Duke of Drive”, Terry Baucom! Designed with Terry's hard driving bluegrass style in mind, this incredible American Walnut banjo features a light weight bell bronze 20 hole Deering tone ring.