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The Versatility of a Long Neck Banjo: Anything and Everything Is Possible

The long neck banjo is a versatile instrument that can be used for anything and everything. It has long scale length which creates an “E” tuning when tuned to the same intervals as the standard 22 fret banjo G tuning. All of the same chord forms you would use in a G tuning work in the E tuning but the actual chords will be different. The long neck banjo offers players versatility, unmatched by any other type of banjo.

Made in USA

Whether you want to re-create the folk music of the 1960's or musically travel into unexplored banjo territory or simply have a superb instrument to accompany vocals, the Vega Long Neck banjo will provide the versatile, sweet, beautiful banjo


Used by folk players

In groups like the "Kingston Trio" long neck banjos are extremely popular. The long scale length body offers more comfort for players of folk music since it doesn't force them to hunch over as much while playing. Many folk players also feel that they can get a fuller sounding chord with low notes on long neck banjo due to the extra frets. The Vega Woodsongs Campfire Long Neck is a popular choice for folk musicians that’s on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

Deep sound

The long neck banjo has a unique sound that is popular with folk musicians and bluegrass players alike. No other type of banjo sounds quite like it, but many have tried to imitate the long neck banjo's deep tone. The long scale length contributes to the longer sustain and the longer scale makes strings feel a little softer than standard 22.