Getting Your First Banjo

Sometimes the most challenging part of learning the banjo is finding the right one to start out with. If you still haven’t found it yet, we can help you decide. Don’t hesitate send us a note or give us a call. You can also download our Ultimate Banjo Buying Guide. 

We Are Banjo Experts will professionally setup your banjo so that’s it ready to play as soon as it arrives. The big retailers aren’t able to hand tune and setup every banjo, but we think it’s important! We are also available to answer questions before and after the sale to help you grow and develop your skills as a player. We’ve done it this way since 2003!

Straight to Your Door and Ready to Play!

Here is everything we check for in advance before shipping your banjo, free of charge:

Bridge placement: the bridge isn’t glued to the banjo’s head, so it is very important for the bridge to be in the correct position, or it will play out of tune.  It must be placed on the head so the 12 fret is exactly half way from the nut and the bridge.  

String height and action: string height is adjusted based on personal preference. But if you feel that the strings are too high or too low, this can be adjusted, but very important to know what to look for and is better to be done by a skilled luthier.  

Head tension: a good banjo head has to be firm and flat right out the box for great tone. To make sure, have a professional tuned.  Most banjos are usually tuned to G#, but this does vary depending on the banjo.  

Capo spikes: to keep the banjo’s tuning consistent, make sure that capo spikes are placed on the finger board correctly, and according to your tuning preference.

Every banjo you purchase from us will be set up for maximum performance and tone, and to your specifications. For beginner banjo players, we recommend that you see a professional if you’re experiencing issues with your banjo.

Quality and Good Tunes for Life: Banjo Manufacturers That Include Warranties

Deering Goodtime

  • All new Goodtime banjos carry a six year limited warranty

Deering Banjos

  • Limited lifetime


  • Limited lifetime

Recording King

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Gold Tone

  • Gold Tone Banjos: Lifetime limited to the original owner. 5 years to the second owner


  • Limited lifetime warranty