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5-String Open-Back Banjos are typically played in the clawhammer style. Clawhammer (also called traditional or folk) style banjo playing is much more mellow than bluegrass. Players pick with only two fingers, usually the thumb and index finger. It is most often played on an open-back banjo. Some of the sound is absorbed by clothing, giving it a softer sound (compared to a bluegrass banjo with a resonator). carries over 40 open-back banjo models in stock, everyday. We carry many beginner open-back banjos and hard to vintage open-back banjos. Find many of our popular open-back models by Deering, Goodtime by Deering, Gold Tone, Morgan Monroe on sale! Most of our open-back banjos will ship to you, free of charge.


Banjoist everywhere will love this open back banjo's lightweight construction and tempting low price. Without the heavy resonator, this banjo is easily transportable and always sounds great. This 18-bracket banjo also boasts a classic calfskin-style head for superb tonal response and projection.


This newly-upgraded RB-20 is the IDEAL first banjo! Every detail has been carefully thought out to bring you an attractive, great sounding banjo with a host of professional features at a price anyone can easily afford!


The Dirty 30's Series sits at the perfect crossroads of classic sound and historic design. Like the original Montgomery Ward mail order instruments from the first half of the century, Dirty 30's guitars and banjos are the ideal companion for singer-songwriters, folk stylists or traveling troubadours.


The Starlight Series open-back banjos have all the specs you expect in an old-time banjo – multi-ply rim, 16 brackets for precise head-tensioning, and a 26-1/4” scale – all delivering the traditional banjo “snap” today's players want. Combine those classic features with the Starlight Series' stunning custom colors, and you have banjos unlike anything the folk world has ever seen.

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The RB-30 open-back banjo has all the features you've been looking for. Standard specifications including: a cast aluminum rim for improved tone and volume, to a grooved brass tension hoop... perfect!


The CC-50: a great entry-level banjo from Gold Tone! For an economy 5 string, the CC-50 is a great value. Our 12 point set up ensures accurate intonation, easy fingering, and good tone.

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Introducing the RB-110 open back banjos as part of the Front Porch Series and combines correct, traditional features, and the new wood rim to make a banjo that will make the learning experience that much more enjoyable.

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A complete package designed to learn clawhammer style banjo, the CC-OT includes a Bob Carlin Instructional DVD, 5th-string railroad spike capo, contoured gig bag, strap, frailing scoop, electronic tuner, and "old-time" style cosmetics. Includes $129 of options and accessories!

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The Saga® SS-10 Old Timey Banjo is truly reminiscent of the classic banjos of the early 1900's. All of the features capture the look, feel and sound of that Golden Age. Whether you play "Claw Hammer or 3-finger style" this banjo can meet the challenge!


Never before has an entry level openback banjo included the features and tone of our CC-100OB. Check any competitive banjo in this price range and youll find "more bang for the buck" with Gold Tones Cripple Creek.

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The Deering Goodtime banjo produces a vibrant ringing tone from its natural finished violin grade maple rim. Easy to play! Durable and easy to maintain! At only 4 pounds, the weight makes it ideal for both children and adults to play and to travel with conveniently.

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A small 5-string banjo for travel, teaching children or for simple enjoyment by anyone, the Goodtime Parlor is just plain cute. It is tuned in G just the same as a 22 fret banjo, but it is 4 inches shorter with only 19 frets. carries one of the largest selections of open-back banjos anywhere. We are banjo players and can answer any banjo buying questions. Once you find the perfect open-back banjo, head over to our parts & accessories section of our store and stock up on banjo picks and banjos strings. Protect your new open-back banjo with a banjo case or bag. We also carry banjo tools and other banjo care and maintenance items. Have questions about open-back banjos? Call us at 678-488-BANJO or use our contact form.