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  • Deering Artisan Goodtime Special Openback

    Deering Goodtime Artisan Americana

    $839.00 $749.00

    New upgraded Americana has a “Midnight Maple” fingerboard with fancy inlaid position markers, classic brown stain on neck and rim, a laser-cut logo on the peghead, planetary tuning gears, and railroad spikes at frets 7, 9, & 10. Like the standard Americana it has a maple neck, 3-ply violin maple rim (12″ diameter), quality nickel-plated hardware, Remo Renaissance head, geared 5th string peg, armrest, and a satin finish. A great beginner’s instrument that you won’t grow out of quickly. Like all Goodtimes it is made in the USA. The Artisan Series, new for 2016, replaces the Classic Goodtimes.

  • the-artisan-goodtime-open-back

    The Artisan Goodtime Openback

    $729.00 $639.00

    The stunning new Artisan Goodtime banjo embodies Greg Deering’s lifelong vision for the Deering Banjo Company – to make the best sounding, best playing, best looking, and best value U.S.A. made banjo that he possibly could. It is a never ending quest that Deering pursues every single day. So with improved tooling and a higher than normal dose of creativity, we bid farewell to our old friend the Classic Goodtime and welcome with open arms the stunning aesthetic of the new Artisan Goodtime Banjos.

  • the-artisan-goodtime-2

    The Artisan Goodtime 2

    $979.00 $859.00

    Featuring Midnight Maple Fingerboard and Vintage Artisan inspired inlays!

    With a bluegrass resonator back for projection, the Artisan Goodtime Two banjo has a 3-ply violin grade maple rim and produces a bright and clear tone that projects well and is louder than its open back counterpart.  The Artisan Two is enhanced with a rich brown stain, white detailing and spikes at 7, 9, and 10. The use of spikes enables you to expand your playing from the key of G to easily play in the keys of A, B, and C.

  • deering goodtime

    Deering Goodtime

    5 out of 5
    $499.00 $399.00

    The Deering Goodtime banjo produces a vibrant ringing tone from its natural finished violin grade maple rim. Easy to play! Durable and easy to maintain! At only 4 pounds, the weight makes it ideal for both children and adults to play and to travel with conveniently. Teachers and professionals around the world recommend the Goodtime banjo for greater success in learning to play.

  • Deering Goodtime 2 Left Handed

    Deering Goodtime 2 Left Handed

    $699.00 $599.00

    The Deering Goodtime Two Left Handed banjo weighs 6 lbs – about the weight of a guitar. The Goodtime Two has a natural blonde maple with a satin finish to protect it. The rich, golden tone and the reverberation off the resonator sound great. You can definitely tell a volume difference between open back and a Goodtime Two. The sound waves aren’t getting trapped between you and the banjo, which makes a pretty big difference. If you want a great low priced bluegrass banjo for travel and leisure that plays correctly and is durable, this is the best buy on the market!

  • 7676-2.jpg

    Deering Goodtime 2

    $699.00 $599.00

    Just like its little cousin, the Goodtime banjo, the Deering Goodtime 2 is rich on sound and value. The Goodtime 2 comes built with a resonator that gives it that bright and big bluegrass sound. Made with care and precision, it offers quality and playability in an affordable package for players of all levels.


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