Banjo capos are almost an essential banjo accessory. We sell the most popular brands like Shubb, Kyser, and Paige. Find the best prices on banjo capos at We also sell and railroad spikes and install them by request, for free on every banjo we sell.

  • 5th string banjo railroad spikes

    Railroad Capo Spikes


    Free installation with any banjo purchase. When you’re playing, you don’t really notice the spikes because they’re out of the way, but they’re always there when you need them. Simply slide the 5th string under the spike. When you’re done, slide it out.

  • earls-suspender-banjo-capo

    Earls Suspender 5th String Capo


    A brand new way to capo the 5th string of your banjo. For the very first time, you can capo the 5th string at any fret without installing screws, spikes or damaging your banjo.

  • Shubb C-5 Banjo Capo

    Shubb C-5 Banjo Capo


    Presenting the C5 Standard Banjo Capo by ShubbShubb Capos are the worlds leading brand of capos and were designed by musicians for musicicans. The BC-20 is the Original banjo capo and has a polished nickel finish. The over-center cam action and a proprietary rubber sleeve, applies exactly the right amount of pressure to hold the strings, assuring proper intonation every time. All done with the flick of a lever.

  • Shubb S-5 Flat Banjo Capo

    Shubb S-5 Flat Banjo Capo


    For banjos, mandolins and bouzoukis, flat fretboard.It's everything the original Shubb Capo is, and more! Crafted of stainless steel, its roller mechanism provides ultimately smooth operation. When the Shubb Capo was first introduced in 1980, capos were elevated to a whole new level. In 1998 the Shubb Deluxe pushed the envelope again. How could the original Shubb capo be improved?

  • Shubb S-5 Radius Banjo Capo

    Shubb S-5 Radius Banjo Capo


    Crafted of solid stainless steel to resist nicks and scratches, this capo will look just as beautiful years from now as it does today. When the Shubb Capo was first introduced in 1980, capos were elevated to a whole new level. In 1998 the Shubb Deluxe pushed the envelope again. Many people thought that the original Shubb could not be improved, but with the Deluxe we introduced upgrades in materials, design, geometry and ergonomics. It became the flagship product of our line. Still made in our shop in Missouri and assembled by our crew in California, as it always has been.

  • paige p-be wide banjo capo

    Paige P-BE Wide Banjo Capo


    A sleekly designed, controlled tension capo for the banjo or mandolin. Fits to the 4th fret on a 5-string banjo. Wide enough to fit past the 4th fret on a 5-string. Could be used for mandolin, mandola, and Octave Mandolin.

  • shubb c5b banjo capo

    Shubb C5B Banjo Capo


    What makes the Shubb capo so special? For one thing, its ingenious design: a patented locking action which provides an unrivaled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. One smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place… and removes it just as quickly.

  • shubb-c5n-banjo-capo

    Shubb C5N Banjo Capo


    Standard Shubb Banjo/Mandolin Capobut with an elegant brushed nickel finish; a more subtle, satin-finished look. The effective bar length is 1.5 inches with a flat profile. See also Shubb 5th string capo

  • shubb c5k noir banjo capo

    Shubb C5K Noir Banjo Capo


    For years our most commonly requested combination of features has been “can I get the Shubb capo in black with the roller”? Well, now you can. Machined of brass and plated in black chrome, this stunningly beautiful capo will be the choice of anyone who prefers an elegant and inconspicuous look onstage or off. Perfect for instruments with black hardware or any dark finished instrument, and a must have for anyone who likes the stealth look!

  • paige click banj omandolin capo

    Paige Clik Banjo Capo


    Installs quickly and easily and stores over the peghead like the original Paige capo. PLUS — Now with NEW adjustment method which is fast and simple! (Width 1 7/16, Open Depth 1 3/16, Closed Depth 3/4)

  • Shubb 5st String Banjo Capo

    Shubb 5st String Banjo Capo


    This was the product that got it all started for us back in 1974, and to this day it's STILL the only fifth string capo worth putting on a banjo. It operates on a lever principle, not a spring, so it provides sufficient pressure to fret the string without muting the tone. It slides on a slim, dovetailed bar which mounts flush to the neck, making it sturdy and unobtrusive.

  • shubb fine tune banjo capo

    Shubb Fine Tune Banjo Capo


    The new Shubb Fine Tune series of capos feature an innovative approach to a capo– a thumb screw that doesn’t get longer or shorter when you adjust it! This gives you the same feel against your hand no matter where on the fingerboard you capo.