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Deering Goodtime banjos are an excellent choice for beginners and professionals. The Deering Goodtime is popular open-back banjo for beginners. We recommend this banjo as it’s built to last and will be enjoyable to play while learning. Beginners looking for a resonator banjo or bluegrass banjo will enjoy the Goodtime 2. The more experienced banjo player will enjoy the Artisan Goodtime Special, a resonator banjo that comes with planetary tuners and a rich dark stain. Our store features over 20 different Goodtime banjo models. We keep Goodtime by Deering banjos in stock and can ship them to you quickly.


The Goodtime Six is a 6 string, steel string banjo, that tunes like your guitar and features a fast, sleek, and comfortable guitar style neck that feels like an old friend. The Goodtime Six was not designed to replace your guitar, but rather compliment it. As a guitarist, it affords you the chance to play what you already know with unimaginably creative results. ** 12" Jumbo has been discontinued, use coupon code, "DISCONTINUED" to save 15% until items run out. ** 

$1,369.00 $1,229.00

A White Head alone banjo with a modern look, the Midnight Special is the top of the Goodtime line. It has our new patent pending Tone Ring mounted on a violin grade maple 3-ply rim for a sound that is absolutely amazing in an affordable banjo.


We probably wouldn't recommend this banjo for the player who has just taken up the banjo - but for those players who want an authentic old time banjo sound and understand the idea of a fretless instrument, this one is for you.

$559.00 $489.00

The Deering Goodtime banjo produces a vibrant ringing tone from its natural finished violin grade maple rim. Easy to play! Durable and easy to maintain! At only 4 pounds, the weight makes it ideal for both children and adults to play and to travel with conveniently.


It is a delight to play with its short scale fretboard, slim neck and light weight body. he shorter 17 fret neck reduces the length of the entire banjo to just 32 inches end to end.

$929.00 $829.00

Finally! A banjo that can be played at any volume. The new Goodtime Acoustic Electric banjo features the factory installed Kavanjo banjo head pickup system.


After years of customer requests, we are proud to offer the new Goodtime banjo ukulele! If you are searching for an instrument that is fun and easy to play in literally any setting, then the Goodtime banjo ukulele might be just what you are looking for!


A beautiful 17 fret tenor banjo that features a rich brown stain, planetary tuners, and a Midnight Maple fingerboard.


Just like its little cousin, the Goodtime banjo, the Deering Goodtime 2 is rich on sound and value. The Goodtime 2 comes built with a resonator that gives it that bright and big bluegrass sound. Made with care and precision, it offers quality and playability in an affordable package for players of all levels.

$1,139.00 $1,029.00

With a bluegrass resonator back for projection, the Artisan Goodtime 2 banjo has a 3-ply violin grade maple rim and produces a bright and clear tone that projects well and is louder than its open back counterpart.


A beautiful 19 fret tenor banjo that features a rich brown stain, planetary tuners, and a Midnight Maple fingerboard.

$1,089.00 $979.00

The Goodtime Special Resonator is also built with Deering’s new Tone Ring, which also gives the banjo its powerfully bright and sparkling tone. The banjo’s volume also wins points with players, and helps students hear themselves better during practice.