Hand made by Rob Bishline in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Rob builds every banjo with attention to every detail.  He is an accomplished player, teacher, repair specialist and luthier.  The Bishline banjos have their own character and style, and also have a tone that is unbelievable.  Here at banjo.com we have never received a Bishline banjo that has not been absolutely perfect in every way.  The craftsmanship is stunning in appearance, and then you play it, and it has such a great sound, and they plays so easy.  A truly great choice in a high quality instrument with a unique design.

Bishline banjos are artisan banjos in the truest way. A perfectionist by nature, Rob Bishline handcrafts these instruments to ensure an exceptional tone. We carry most Bishline models in-stock, everyday, meaning we can ship your new banjo quickly. If we don’t have the Bishline banjo you want in-stock – they are worth the wait. We can custom order your banjo and generally have it to you within 6-8 weeks. Not sure which Bishline is right for you, we can help you get started. The Bishline Cimmaron features a walnut resonator and a bell-bronze tone ring, perfect for Bluegrass style playing. This Bishline Okie is an open-back model packed with features that has a vintage sound. Our banjo experts can help with any questions you have about Bishline banjos.

There are custom and limited models available as well.  Also there will be an exclusive model released soon only available thru Banjo.com.  Barry Waldrep (Owner of Banjo.com) & Rob Bishline are excited to bring you the Bishline Coal Dust and Coal Dust Revenge.

Bishline banjos are of the best made in today’s banjo market, and we at banjo.com are very proud to be a dealer for these fine instruments.