Bishline Midnight Moon


An artistic banjo that sounds great and looks amazing.  Black stained maple with dark wood binding, three ply maple rim, nickel hardware and koa binding.  The fret board has constellation inlays.

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Bishline Midnight Moon Specifications

Wood: Black Stained Maple w/Marquetry Headstock
Binding: Koa
Fingerboard: Ebony w/Constellation inlay
Ring: Bishline
Rim: Three Ply Maple
Hardware: Nickel Plated
Truss Rods: Two-Way
Case: Hardshell

A truly artistic banjo that sounds as good as it looks.The Midnight Moon is black stained maple with highly figured, dark wood binding and a mix of pearl and marquetry inlay. The fretboard is adorned with constellation inlays.

When you use a standard capo on your banjo fretboard, fretting strings 1 through 4, you’ll need to capo the 5th string separately. The 5th string starts at the 5th fret. If your standard capo is on the 2nd fret, you also need to capo the 5th string two frets higher, at the 7th fret. We recommend installing railroad spike capos on frets 7 and 9 (A and B). We install them on the fretboard just under the 5th string, an idea that was developed and used by Earl Scruggs himself. We use them, and so do most of the professional players we know. When you’re playing, you don’t really notice the spikes because they’re out of the way, but they’re always there when you need them. Simply slide the 5th string under the spike. When you’re done, slide it out.

Weight 11.5 lbs


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