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A quality banjo strap is an essential banjo accessory. Investing in durable leather banjo strap will enhance your comfort while playing the instrument as well as improve playing. Most leather banjo straps will last a lifetime of playing, Lakota straps even come with a lifetime warranty. You’ll notice some of our banjo straps are cradle straps, meaning they have a “tail” that wraps around the entire pot assembly giving maximum support. Another feature that you will see with our banjo strap selection is padding. Padding can make a big difference in comfort, particularly if your banjo is heavy. Be sure to check out the many different colors that Levy’s Leathers offer. If you aren’t sure about a strap or have questions about compatibility with your banjo, send us a message or give us a call. We’ve played with most of the banjo straps and can help you make a decision.


Nylon strap available in brown or black.


This 2″ Deering nylon banjo strap comes with leather end attachments so that it can be easily attached to your banjo.


Flexible and comfortable, this 2” brown leather cradle strap is made in the USA. It's basic design has a vintage look and will fit our Goodtime and Vega Banjo lines.


The Stitched Leather Cradle Strap features brushed leather for a weathered look. This 2” strap has an outer stitch that adds vintage style. Made for our Goodtime and Vega banjos. Installation directions included.


Supple and soft, this 2” black, double-link woven leather cradle strap is made in the USA, with the gold Deering eagle logo design. Banjo players will love the way it safely cradles their banjo and cushions their shoulder during hours of playing.


Made in the USA, this black leather cradle strap will protect your banjo at the same time it makes your playing easier. This 2" padded leather cradle strap, printed with a gold Deering eagle logo.


This rugged distressed leather strap from Deering bears the traditional Eagle logo embossed in gold. The adjustable cradle strap is 2” wide and 1/8” thick and is made specifically to carry the weight of heavier Deering banjos.


Gold Embossed with the Deering Eagle Logo, this leather strap has sheep's wool padding for comfort. It attaches by threading the slender ends between the J-hooks and the rim and attaches with a tie that threads through the holes in the ends of the strap in effect cradling the banjo which is a very secure attachment.


Hand-crafted from the finest leather, Steve Huber knows how to impress when it comes to making banjos and banjo accessories.


Our standard American bison leather banjo strap features a 48" tail section which completely encircles your banjo pot assembly. Our unique feature utilizes two color matched Chicago screws which connect the tail section to the main body of the strap.


These straps are made of the same soft luxurious Bison hide that Lakota Leathers standard cradle straps are known for, and will provide a lifetime of use.


Crafted with the same quality leather that is depended on for horse saddles, straps and belts, this luxurious strap features a 2.5" width. It has a high quality Latigo leather top in the familiar burgundy color that it is known for.