• recording king rk-u25 madison banjo ukulele

    RK-U25 Madison Banjo Ukulele


    Combining everything that players love about the ukulele with the crisp sound of a banjo, the Recording King Madison banjo ukulele (or banjolele) is a unique instrument that you’ll love. The maple neck and maple rim give it a bright tone with great projection, and the coordinator rod and 10 brackets are a nod to classic banjo-style construction.


    Morgan Monroe Rocky Top Irish Tenor 17-Fret

    $299.95 $209.95

    The Rocky Top RT-TB-17 tenor banjo is perfect for Celtic music. The 17-fret tenor banjo is most commonly thought of as the “Irish tenor” and is tuned G,D,A,E (4th to 1rst fret) and has a scale length of 21”.


    Rover RB-20P Open Back Plectrum Banjo

    $295.00 $229.99

    There’s a banjo band in the Pizza Parlor near you–go on down and see how much fun it is to play the four-string banjo! If you’re new to the joys of the four-string, there’s no better place to start than a Rover® RB-20P Plectrum banjo. The RB-20P is an open-back banjo with a modern composite rim–light and easy to carry–and a professionally styled neck designed for fast and easy playing. The long, 26 3/8″ scale in the Plectrum tuning makes close harmony chords a breeze. Learning the banjo has never been so fun–or affordable!


    Rover RB-20T Open Back Tenor Banjo

    $295.00 $229.99

    Every Dixieland Jazz Band needs a 4-string tenor banjo–it’s the foundation of the rhythm. If you’re starting to learn the tenor, your best choice for a first instrument is the RB-20T by Rover®. The modern composite rim with open-back construction makes for a lightweight, easily-portable banjo that sounds great and looks even better! The neck is small and perfectly shaped. The frets are carefully rounded to ensure the lowest, easiest action. It’s the perfect student instrument at the perfect price–the new RB-20T from Rover®!


    Morgan Monroe RT-TB-19 Rocky Top Banjo

    $339.95 $239.95

    The Rocky Top RT-TB-19 tenor banjo is perfect for any folk player But this 19-fret tenor banjo can be used for Traditional Jazz (Dixieland) and Irish music as well. This is a 4 string banjo and is usually tuned C,G,D,A (4th to 1st fret).

  • dirty 30's tenor banjo

    RKT-05 Dirty 30’s Tenor Banjo


    The Recording King Dirty 30’s Tenor Banjo brings 100 years of history into the present, road-ready vibe of the Dirty 30’s line. The tenor banjo first came to prominence in the early 1900’s, and its C-G-D-A tuning is especially well suited for folk, Celtic and Dixieland music. The tenor is a unique banjo for players looking to add a traditional vibe to their sound, and the perfect crossover instrument for mandolin, violin, viola and cello players.


    Rover RB-25P Resonator Plectrum Banjo

    $395.00 $308.10

    The Plectrum style four-string banjo is enjoying a new wave of popularity with consequently a growing demand for a moderately priced instrument with all the professional features at a price accessible to all. The answer to this need is the RB-25P by Rover®. It features a slim, fast neck to please the most demanding artist. The strong, lightweight composite rim–combined with a professional quality resonator–offers the greatest tone and volume in a lightweight package. The Rover® RB-25P can be played without apology is any orchestra or combination–and no one but you could guess the affordable price!


    Rover RB-25T Resonator Tenor Banjo

    $395.00 $308.10

    Players of the four-string tenor banjo have few choices when it comes to quality student instruments. Rover® has filled the gap with a moderately-priced tenor with a host of professional features–the new model RB-25T. A slim, fast neck lets you play just like the Pros, and a resonator with all the professional features gives you volume and carrying power to spare. The lightweight composite rim is an important modern improvement that provides a tone like no other banjo at or near this price point. We believe the Rover® RB-25T will make the tenor banjo more popular than ever!


    Rover RB-35P Resonator Plectrum Banjo

    $495.00 $386.10

    The Plectrum 4-string banjo is a versatile instrument–whether anchoring the rhythm in a Jazz band or in the hands of the virtuoso soloist. In recent years, there have been few choices for the intermediate player–unless you have many thousands of dollars for a vintage collectible! Now, Rover® introduces a banjo worthy of a place in any musical combination–the Rover® RB-35P Plectrum! The novel aluminum rim with its integrated bracket band gives professional tone and volume that you can’t find elsewhere at this price point. The slim, professional neck and correctly designed resonator give ample proof that this banjo was designed by a player for other players. The Rover® RB-35P Plectrum banjo will inspire you to new musical heights!

  • deering goodtime banjo ukulele

    Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele

    $499.00 $399.00

    After years of customer requests, we are proud to offer the new Goodtime banjo ukulele! If you are searching for an instrument that is fun and easy to play in literally any setting, then the Goodtime banjo ukulele might be just what you are looking for!

  • deering boston plectrum

    Deering Boston Plectrum

    $2,119.00 $1,769.00

    For Traditional Jazz, or for guitar players, the Boston Plectrum is an easy instrument to play with a lighter weight than the higher end banjos, it’s durable and has a good tone.

  • deering boston 19 fret tenor banjo

    Deering Boston 19-Fret Tenor Banjo


    A great recording tenor banjo with resonator for sound projection, the Boston 19 fret tenor works for dixieland jazz, traditional jazz, or any style you like to play.