Enjoy huge savings on 5-String Resonator banjos, often played in the Bluegrass style of music. These banjos have a resonator attached to the back of the pot which projects the sound forward, away from the banjo player. These banjos tend to produce a bright and lively sound compared to the more muted tones of the open-back banjo. We carry many 5-String Resonator Banjos, some are right for a professional and some are better suited for a beginner banjo player. One of our most popular beginner bluegrass banjos is the Deering Goodtime 2, which is a great investment for someone new the banjo scene. All banjo players will save when they purchase any of our Bluegrass Banjos for sale!

  • savannah sb-100 banjo

    Savannah SB-100

    $473.99 $279.99

    Savannah SB-100 banjo is great looking resonator banjo for beginners. The Savannah SB-100 comes with a mahogany resonator and mahogany neck.


    Rover RB-25 Resonator 5 String Banjo

    $395.00 $308.10

    When you’re ready to step up to your intermediate 5-string banjo–we suggest you check out the RB-25 by Rover®. This is a high-quality instrument with a professionally styled resonator–more volume and carrying power to match your developing banjo skills. The neck is fast and accurately-fretted–it plays just like our most expensive banjos–but the low price of the RB-25 makes it affordable for any serious student. The geared 5th peg and brightly nickel-plated metal hardware are just a few of the many points of excellence that make the RB-25 by Rover® a world-beating value!

  • savannah sb-110

    Savannah SB-110


    The Savannah SB-110 upgraded banjo comes with professional, planetary tuning machines, a cast aluminum rim, and a beautiful inlaid headstock. Packed with a ton of features into its low price, this banjo always plays as good as it sounds.

  • gold tone ac5 banjo

    Gold Tone AC-5 5-String Banjo


    The AC-5 Resonator Banjo may stray a bit from the traditional wood body banjo design, but it packs a punch like no other and will stand up against any banjo in it’s price range. The rim and resonator are molded from a composite material that is strong, consistent, and durable.


    Rover RB-35 Resonator 5 String Banjo

    $495.00 $386.10

    When your banjo skills start to out-strip your beginner’s banjo, it’s time to step up to the new RB-35 by Rover! Rover engineers designed an ingenious aluminum rim with integrated bracket band–making the whole assembly simpler and lighter. The tone is crisp and clear, with volume to enable you to be heard in any musical combination. The many professional features include a geared 5th peg and the classic Waverly-style tailpiece. Metal parts are brightly nickel-plated and the classic resonator is bound with white ABS to match the neck. The RB-35 will give you years of musical satisfaction–along with the knowledge that you are playing the best value in the World of Banjos–you’re playing a Rover!



    $599.95 $399.95

    If you want to learn how to play 5 string banjo, the Rocky Top RT-B15 is a great place to start. This banjo has features that are typically only found in banjos costing much more, such as open geared tuning machines, and maple neck.”

  • recording king dirty 30's resonator banjo

    Recording King Dirty 30’s Resonator Banjo


    The Recording King Dirty 30’s Resonator Banjo packs excellent playability and historic vibe into a retro-infused package that makes vintage style and traditional banjo sound accessible to every player. With a great looking satin finish, maple neck and Remo Recording King banjo head, the Dirty Thirties resonator banjos have classic banjo tone and are light enough to take on the road with ease.


    Rover Front Porch Series RB-115 Resonator 5 String Banjo

    $650.00 $425.00

    Our already popular line of Rover® Student Banjos has been expanded to include two new “wood rim” models. Introducing the RB-115 Resonator banjo. The companion to the RB-110 open back banjos, combines all the right traditional features, and the new wood rim design to make a Resonator banjo that will make the learning experience that much more enjoyable



    $599.95 $449.95

    MNB-1 Banjo The MNB-1 is most popular banjo in the Morgan Monroe line and may well be the biggest bang for the buck in Banjoland! This MNB-1 offers the uncompromising quality of a professional banjo worthy of the Morgan Monroe name. it has all the features that you are looking for including a rolled brass tone ring, a 1 piece press flange, chrome hardware, Mother of Pearl inlay position markers, 3 ply maple rim, Ashton Bailey planetary tuning keys, a geared 5th peg, rosewood fretboard and great sound, all for a price that is surprisingly low. Of course you get the Morgan Monroe as long as you live warranty.

  • recording king madison rambler r15

    Recording King R-15 Madison Rambler

    $599.99 $449.99

    The RK-R15 has a maple neck with adjustable truss rod, multi-ply maple rim and rosewood fingerboard, with a hand-rubbed brown satin finish. Built with the same care and attention given to all RK banjos, but priced within reach of any player, the Madison Rambler (RK-R15) delivers traditional banjo sound and playing comfort well above its pay grade.

  • Recording King Starlight Resonator Midnight

    RKS-06 Starlight Resonator


    The Starlight Series resonator banjos have all the specs you expect in a traditional banjo – multi-ply rim, tone ring, 24 brackets for precise head-tensioning, and a 26-1/4” scale – all delivering the traditional banjo “snap” today’s players want. Combine those classic features with the Starlight Series’ stunning custom colors, and you have banjos unlike anything the folk world has ever seen.

  • gold tone cc-bg banjo

    Gold Tone Cripple Creek Bluegrass (CC-BG) 5-String

    $628.99 $471.72

    Entry level banjos must be designed for easy learning. The Cripple Creek 50 with Resonator and guitar-style tuners is just that! We have taken our popular CC-50 model and added a full walled resonator to suit the beginning bluegrass banjo player.