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Buying a new banjo vs. buying used

Not sure if you should buy new or used. Here are some things to consider.

What is the Best Banjo to Buy for a Beginner?

The banjo has a long and somewhat tumultuous history — modern origins have been traced [...]

Success for Learning to Play Music by Ear

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Differences Between Open Back & Closed Back Banjo

Differences Between Openback and Closed Back (Resonator) Banjos There’s something about the cheery twang of [...]

Anatomy and Design: Understanding the Construction of the Banjo

The parts of a banjo The banjo might seem to have a simple design on [...]

Banjo Lessons on YouTube for Beginners

You can find our beginner banjo lessons on YouTube. The banjo might seem like a [...]

Capos and Spikes for Beginning Banjo Players

Beginning banjo players have a lot of things to learn about their new instrument. Besides [...]

Encouraging Kids to Play an Instrument

Encourage children to play any instrument. Source: Frédéric de Villamil via Flickr Learning how to [...]

Effective Steps to Playing an Instrument Well

Whether you’re just starting out learning to play an instrument or looking to improve your [...]