Encouraging Kids to Play an Instrument

Encourage children to play any instrument. Source: Frédéric de Villamil via Flickr

Learning how to play a musical instrument is a challenging yet rewarding experience for kids. While some are eager to start taking lessons, others might need a little nudge in the right direction.

Encouraging kids to play an instrument involves helping them see it as an enjoyable activity. The following tips can help you get your child excited about taking music lessons:

  1. Choose an age-appropriate instrument. The guitar, banjo and piano all offer a simple setup that’s ideal for kids who are just being introduced to music. Kids are typically able to sit through music lessons when they’re around five years old, so keep that in mind as well. Save the bigger or more complex instruments, like tubas or trumpets, for when your kid is older.
  2. Show enthusiasm. Kids look to their parents for support and approval. Make sure your child knows that you’re interested in how he’s doing with his lessons. Ask him to demonstrate a song he’s learned, or talk to him about famous musicians who play the same instrument that he’s learning.
  3. Select songs that your kid will like. Have your child learn to play songs that he’ll like. These don’t necessarily have to be specific songs or songs aimed at kids. They could also be from a music genre that he finds catchy, such as blues.
  4. Reward your child. Schedule times for your child to perform, and reward him when he does a good job. Just ask him to play one song at a time until he becomes more skilled.
  5. Pick the right training. Find a local or online instructor who excels at encouraging kids to play an instrument. This will make lessons enjoyable for your child.

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