Effective Steps to Playing an Instrument Well

Whether you’re just starting out learning to play an instrument or looking to improve your skills, regular practice is the most important thing. You can also find plenty of inspiration and practical advice on how to play better from professional musicians.

The following effective steps to playing an instrument well are based on the habits of musicians who have established a successful career. These steps include:

  1. Study famous musicians. Learn all you can about your favorite musicians and classical musicians, such as Bach and Beethoven. Try to get a feel for what their mindset is or was while composing and playing music. This can give you a deeper appreciation for music.
  2. Continue to learn. In addition to studying musicians, learn more about your instrument of choice. Look up information on its history and the ways it has been changed or adapted over the years. Learn about all of the different techniques you can use to play the instrument, and experiment with these.
  3. Improve your performance. Performing in front of an audience is a typical part of being a musician. Whether you’re playing for a large audience in a concert hall or a few friends in your living room, you’ll need to work on performing with confidence. Before giving a performance, try recording yourself on your phone. You can then watch the video to see where you made mistakes and look for things to improve.
  4. Stay committed. No matter which instrument you’ve chosen, make a commitment to learn how to play it as skillfully as possible. Learn new songs on it, or come up with your own. Set aside time each day to practice, and over time, you’ll become an expert at playing it.

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