Banjo Lessons on YouTube for Beginners

You can find our beginner banjo lessons on YouTube.

The banjo might seem like a straightforward instrument to play, but it takes a lot of practice to master. There are different playing techniques to learn, as well as different types of banjos to play.

When you’re just starting, it’s important to find lessons that are easy enough to understand. At, we offer banjo tutorials on YouTube for beginners. These short lessons are simple to follow for those who are just picking up a banjo for the first time. We go over the basics of playing the banjo, such as picking the strings. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can move onto different playing styles and practice different songs. Our YouTube channel features several one minute or less videos that introduce you to basic banjo playing. We also offer a few videos on learning to play the mandolin, which shares quite a few similarities with the banjo.

These banjo lessons on YouTube for beginners are just one of the training resources we offer at Our other training resources include videos, workshops, books, CDs, chord charts, song tablatures and training aids. We also carry beginner packages that come with a banjo, picks, tuner, strap and a training DVD, so you can learn how to play 5-string bluegrass like Earl Scruggs, 4-string Dixieland Jazz, or the 5-string open-back clawhammer style favored by the likes of Pete Seeger and Grandpa Jones. Keep in mind that you can also find more information on playing the banjo by browsing through our FAQ section. It includes information on several aspects of banjo playing, such as 5-string vs. 6-string, banjo tablature, bluegrass, choosing your picks, and choosing your strings. You’re also welcome to call our store to ask us any questions you have about banjos. Whether you want advice on which one to choose or advice on tuning your instrument, we’re here to help.

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