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Have you followed the Banjo Revolution? If you have, you know that the spirit of the Banjo Revolution is brought to life in Nechville’s Geometric Banjo. Given its name for the unique geometry of the peghead, this banjo takes its cues from the cutting edge of banjo design.

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Geometric DLX Features
Radiused Fingerboard
Deluxe Black Binding with Decorative White Stripe
Nechville 20 Hole Pro Tone Ring with Cyclotronic Tone Ring System
Exotic Wood Comfort Beveled Armrest
Curly Maple Resonator
Dot Inlay
Deluxe Hard Shell Case

Geometric LC Features
Maple Belle Wood Tone Ring
Comfort Beveled Armrest
Ebony Fingerboard
Dot Inlay
Gig Bag

You will find the Geometric’s super smooth 14:1 fine tuners a breeze to tune, while the in-line peghead design keeps the string tension stable resulting in a banjo that stays in tune better. Like all of Nechville’s Premium Heli-Mount banjos, the Geo features the Nechville in-line tailpiece, which further gives you stable tone and tuning while making string changes a snap.

The adjustable neck has a two way stainless steel truss rod, and is among Nechville’s elite class of necks that you will find UNIVERSAL in their adjustability and modular for travel or use on other banjo pots. The finest materials are selected for the Geo, including premium Ebony fingerboards and the finest Maple for necks and resonators. A variety of tone components are available in this model.

The Maple Belle all-wood tone ring/rim is standard on the LC, and delivers professional tone and light weight. You may consider upgrading the Geo with the newest tone ring combination, the Cocobolo Cyclotronic Open Architecture option, or the trusty 3 ply rim and pro tone ring option. In any configuration, you are sure to enjoy the simple elegance of the Geo for a lifetime of dependable great sound.

Weight 11.5 lbs


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