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A one of a kind Deering Sierra 5-string banjo that features a linseed oil finish and honey abmer stain instead of the standard stain and satin finish. The linseed oil protects the wood from moisture, but gives the neck a very natural "woody" feel and really shows off the natural beauty of the maple wood used.

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Resonator Hardware Set Gold Plated 4 L-brackets 4 Thumbscrews 4 Wall Lugs

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BanjoMate is easily installed inside the resonator with velcro!NO TOOLS REQUIRED!Rotate BanjoMate inside resonator to obtain brighter or warmer tone! Only weighs 1.1 ounces!

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We love the Goodtime banjos and we know you do too so we had this new Goodtime Stars and Stripes lightweight t-shirt designed to honor all of you loyal Goodtime banjo supporters.

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Suede leather banjo strap with suede backing and hook-and-loop adjustment.

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I first saw this 1945 herringbone D-28 a few years ago and have lusted after it ever since. It has recently come to me as a trade-in instead of a consignment, so the required procedures of neck reset, refret, and new bridge to replace the old radically shaved down bridge that I had done have really brought this guitar back to life.


A premium quality world class 5-string banjo that is appreciated for its crisp tone with great highs and distinctive bass response. The Calico is not only beautiful, but it is also exceptionally dynamic with both powerful sound and response providing an excellent tool for all styles of music. At this price point we add two features, we taper the inside of the resonator walls for added projection of tone, and we also add the feature of glued-in frets. Each fret is fitted to the fingerboard and glued in place so that in the future when the frets are worn out, they can easily be replaced without chipping the fingerboard. You will gain these benefits on every model from the Calico on up the line.

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Strings are plain steel and nickel wound, loop end, light gauge, 009 011 013 020w 009.

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Whether your bow is slinging bluegrass or fiddling country, these D'Addario J90 Nickel Flat Wound On Steel Fiddle Strings are industry standard!

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These all weather fleece hoodies are perfect to ward off the early morning chill in more modest climates or layer with heavier coats in colder areas.

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Used Martin ShenandoahEquipped with Fishman Blending SystemA very good working man’s guitarHard Shell Case