Gold Star Model GF-300FE Flathead Banjo with Flying Eagle Inlays (5 String)

$3,295.00 $2,800.75

Saga has recreated the ideal bluegrass banjo of the 1930s in 3 exciting models—the GF-200, GF-200-1952 and GF-300 professional quality 5-string resonator banjos! Each represents the best value in today’s market of professional quality instruments. Gold Star has duplicated the design of classic banjos while improving upon certain areas of structural weakness and by using only the best materials for each instrument. highly flamed maple is used for the neck and resonator, rosewood or ebony for the triple-ply bound fingerboard inlaid with traditional inlay patterns of either Hearts and Flowers, Flying Eagle or the 1952 Bow-Tie pattern. Brass is used for the tension hoop and the flange is made of pot metal. At the heart of each instrument, and the secret to their legendary tone lies a three-ply rock maple rim and a special alloy, cast bronze tone ring, providing all the volume and tone for any situation without the unpleasant overtones that characterize some other banjos on the market today. With a new Gold Star, you are sure to get an instrument that not only sounds amazing but looks incredible, too. Many of today’s best banjo players are discovering why Gold Star has the tone and the drive for any musical situation and when you play the Gold Star you’ll know the reason. Each instrument includes a new deluxe CD-1530 wood hardshell case by Superior.

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