Banjo for Beginners: Select from

best banjos for beginners

Ready to follow through on that New Year’s resolution of learning how to play a stringed instrument? Banjo for beginners is so much fun plus our all-inclusive packages have everything you’ll need to get started. From the instrument itself to the carrying case and even online support via email, the hardest thing is going to be deciding which banjo to purchase!

If the banjo is your instrument of choice next you must decide what genre of music you’re planning on playing. A five string banjo is used for bluegrass and clawhammer while the four string is better suited for Irish folk and Dixieland jazz.

  • The five string banjo for bluegrass starter kit will have you playing the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies in no time. We offer over two dozen options including several for left-handed players. With so many selections there is definitely a kit to fit every budget.
  • We also have five string starter kits for clawhammer banjos. These open back models produce a more mellow sound and generally fingerpicks aren’t used. Pete Seeger, Dan Levenson and the late Grandpa Jones from the Hee-Haw television show and the Grand Ole Opry all gained fame with a clawhammer banjo.
  • Four string banjo kits include the banjo, carrying case, instructional DVD and guitar styled flatpicks. Able to produce the swinging sound of everything from Dixieland Jazz to Celtic Punk, choose from the Gold Tone Cripple Creek Tenor Banjo or the Deering Goodtime 19-Fret Banjo depending on the exact sound you are searching for.
  • Need assistance deciding which banjo for beginners is right for you?

Here are a few popular brands that make excellent banjos for beginners.