What to Consider When Buying A Deering Banjo

A banjo is a banjo is a banjo? Oh no, not at all!! But you already know that if you are considering buying a Deering Banjo. Deering Banjo Company is a California company that makes some of the best banjos in America. Deering has been making banjos in America since 1975. Deering is a famous brand name, but that does not put its price tag out of reach for learners. In fact, everyone, even beginners, should be playing on an instrument of quality. Otherwise, they will not be happy with the results, the playing will be more difficult, and the learner will be likely to give up. Whether you are a learner or a professional, what should you consider while buying a Deering banjo?

A Deering Banjo for the beginner

For a learner, a Deering banjo is a high-quality instrument. If you are buying your first banjo, then the Goodtime collection by Deering is a good choice. These banjos are great for learners, they are enjoyable to play, and they are sturdy and of high quality. They are good banjos even for a professional player looking for something basic to take on the road. However, they are somewhat more expensive than just any banjo bought from anywhere. That is because the quality of a Deering banjo is a cut above. For a beginner, a good instrument would cost a few hundred dollars.

When you are buying a Deering banjo, or any banjo, what matters is the sound it makes. The first thing to consider when buying a banjo is the material it is made from. This influences the price, quality, and sound. An inexpensive banjo might be made from plastic, or from aluminum, and cannot produce a good quality sound. A really great banjo, like a Deering banjo, is made from three-ply hardwood, usually maple. Hardwood is of greater quality than a laminated or glued plastic or aluminum, of course. Maple is a strong and stable wood with a great sound tone. Be sure that you consider the material when buying a banjo.

A Deering banjo for the professional

For those ready to move up beyond a beginner instrument, what should you look for in your Deering banjo? A high-end Deering banjo can start at about $3,000, or can cost more than $20,000. When considering a Deering banjo in this range, you would still look at the quality, the craftsmanship, and the sound tone. What also matters here is the way it plays. The craftsmanship matters. The neck, the rim, and the tone ring should all fit together perfectly to make the perfect sound.

Although sound and playability do matter the most, no one would spend so much on a high-end instrument without considering appearance. The beauty of a high-end Deering banjo can’t be matched, and in addition to top hardwoods, the banjo might be decorated with other natural materials, like a pearl, abalone, or gold, and it is aesthetically pleasing in every way!

Consider the price of the Deering banjo you want. Whether you are ready to spend $300 or $3,000, or more, there is a Deering banjo for you. Click here for more details.

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