Gibson Replica RB-4


If you are a neck aficionado, this neck will not do, especially if you are used to the necks that Frank Neet and I build as it is a little wider than pre war specifications, the inlay is a little offish (hand cut, but in inlay was installed nicely) and this neck has a steel bar in it, not an adjustable truss rod. It is, however in good shape and the neck was playing fine when removed from a pre war Style 1 banjo.

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The weight of the neck is: 1LB 8.4 ounces.
The width of the neck at the nut is: 1.280″
The thickness of the neck at the Nut: 0.765″
The width of the neck at the 5th fret is: 1.782″
The thickness of the neck at the 5th fret is: 0.749″
The width of the neck at the 12 fret is: 1.836″
The thickness of the neck at the 12th fret is: 0.745
The width of the neck at the heel is: 1.992″

This neck has not been refinished, repaired or altered in any way that I can see. Being a builder neck, it does have some quirks that I have photographed. For one thing, the spikes are installed pointing up and the area under them is scalloped. The nut is OK, but it is a little square and meaty in my opinion.

The binding binding is nice and yellowed and the finish is a aged and mildly cracked (normal for what I am estimating is the age of the banjo neck) The heel cut is a bit clunky, but the hand stop looks and feels great. There is a small crack in the ebony of the peghead overlay, probably due to some dehydration over the years. The frets have been filed at some point

There are some normal, small dings and minor scratches on this neck as expected. No warping or twisting and the neck looks straight when sighted. No machines come with this neck.

Weight 13 lbs


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