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Savannah Banjos come in a few different styles. The Savannah SB-100 is a Bluegrass (Resonator) Banjo with excellent sound projection. If you are looking for an open-back model then the Savannah SB-070 will be the Savannah banjo to check out. The Savannah SB-106 is a 6-String banjo that is tuned like a guitar with jumbo frets.If you are looking for something a little more professional but still a beginner banjo price tag, then the Savannah SB 110 (Savannah Planetary 5th String Banjo) will be an excellent option with it’s cast aluminum tone ring and geared 5th peg. If you aren’t sure which Savannah Banjo is right for you, please call us or send us a note and our banjo experts will be able to help. If you live in the continental U.S. then you will enjoy free shipping on all Savannah Banjos. Don’t forget to select your free banjo starter pack before you add the banjo to your cart – we have Bluegrass & Clawhammer starter packs depending on your playing style. We will professionally setup your banjo before shipping. Savannah Banjos include a 2 year manufacturer warranty.


Banjoist everywhere will love this open back banjo's lightweight construction and tempting low price. Without the heavy resonator, this banjo is easily transportable and always sounds great. This 18-bracket banjo also boasts a classic calfskin-style head for superb tonal response and projection.

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The Savannah SB-060 travel banjo is built for the traveling musician who needs that big "bark" in a small scale design. This banjo features a lightweight design so it is perfect for any road trip.

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Savannah SB-100 banjo is great looking resonator banjo for beginners. The Savannah SB-100 comes with a mahogany resonator and mahogany neck.

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The Savannah SB-106 is a 6-string banjo with large frets and a short scale, making it easier to play, similar to a guitar. Maple construction brings quality construction to an affordable banjo.


The Savannah SB-110 upgraded banjo comes with professional, planetary tuning machines, a cast aluminum rim, and a beautiful inlaid headstock.

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The Savannah SB-300 "Tone Ring Banjo" is the top of line model in the Savannah Banjos lineup. The engraved armrest and mother-of-pearl headrest give this banjo a stately appearance you won't typically find of banjos in this price range.

Savannah Banjos 2-YR Warranty Information | A warranty begins when you purchase an item from a dealer, either from a store or online. All warranties must be handled through the store or company online from whom the item was bought. Please do not contact Savannah Musical Instruments directly. The user is responsible for all freight charges with any warranty repair or exchange. If you intend to bring back an item, first check that it is still covered under warranty, and return it to the place of purchase with your receipt to be assessed by the dealer.