Savannah SB-300


The Savannah SB-300 “Tone Ring Banjo” is the top of line model in the Savannah Banjos lineup. The engraved armrest and mother-of-pearl headrest give this banjo a stately appearance you won’t typically find of banjos in this price range.

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Savannah SB-300 Banjo

Savannah SB-300 banjo with free hardshell case The SB300 Flamed Resonator banjo features a genuine cast brass tone ring for an exceptional sound that will please any bluegrass lover. Features a solid maple rim for added tone as well as a tube and flange assembly and tension clamshell tailpiece. This wonderful banjo also comes adorned with an intricate floral headstock design, as well as floral position markers. The SB-300 comes with a highly flamed resonator and features a great complementing finish. This banjo is an amazing value for a banjo with these specifications and provides a loud bite and cutting tone!

Flamed Mahogany Resonator
Maple Neck
Maple Rim
Brass Cast Tone Ring
Clamshell Tailpiece
Inlaid Floral Position Markers
Inlaid M.O.P. Floral Headstock
Engraved Armrest

Weight 8 lbs
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