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Crafted of stainless steel, with curvature for radiused fretboards. Roller mechanism provides consistently smooth operation up the neck.


This was the product that got it all started for us back in 1974, and to this day it's STILL the only fifth string capo worth putting on a banjo. It operates on a lever principle, not a spring, so it provides sufficient pressure to fret the string without muting the tone. It slides on a slim, dovetailed bar which mounts flush to the neck, making it sturdy and unobtrusive.


The new Shubb Fine Tune series of capos feature an innovative approach to a capo-- a thumb screw that doesn't get longer or shorter when you adjust it! This gives you the same feel against your hand no matter where on the fingerboard you capo.


The Bill Stokes Showcase capo is the Oiginal McKinney capo. Hand crafted from solid stainless steel, the Bill Stokes Showcase capo has been the first choice among profession players for over 30 years.