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Dear friends,

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly one year into a global pandemic. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones, lost jobs, or experienced other difficulties during this time.

If you know our brand, you know we adamantly support American banjo makers. We don’t try to hide this because we know that banjos made here in the U.S. are some of the best instruments you can buy.

Many American manufacturers have had their own difficulties related to Covid-19. Deering, our partner in California, has particularly had challenges due to compulsory closures enacted by their state’s Governor. This team of hard working, passionate banjo makers has lost months of manufacturing time and months of income.

This lost time means there aren’t many new banjos available to sell. We’ve got plenty ordered, but it’s not known when we will get them as the production schedule is constantly in flux. We do know we will be the first retailer to get shipments of new instruments from Deering and other manufacturers.

We continue to receive banjos daily and are setting them up and shipping out as fast as we can. Our high-end inventory is looking pretty good with a few exceptions. Starter models (under $1,200) tend to be experiencing longer wait times as we fill backorders.

If you’ve already ordered and are waiting, we are grateful for your patience and rest assured, as soon as we get your model from the manufacturer, we will ship it to you. If you haven’t ordered yet, but know which banjo you want, you may want to go ahead and order to ensure you get a banjo this year. You may wait a few weeks or it could be a couple months. It’s impossible to tell right now, but orders will be processed in the order that they are received.

Please help us support these amazing banjo builders – these American jobs – by waiting a little longer to receive your instrument.

We are thankful for all of you in the banjo community.

-The Banjo.com Team

*Update* 4/1/2021

It feels like Christmas around here! We received a large shipment of Deering Goodtime Openbacks (right-handed) and a few Deering Artisan Goodtime Specials (right-handed). If you had one of these models on order, it has been shipped! These models are also good options for someone who doesn’t want to wait on a banjo.

We are grateful to all of those who have ordered and are waiting or have waited for their banjo. Deering is still catching up after being forced to close for so many months in 2020. As we get in shipments of new banjos, we are shipping them out as fast as possible, we know you can’t wait to get your hands on them.

It’s worth repeating, we will be one of the first retailers to get shipments of new banjos from Deering as well as other manufacturers. If you order now, you are guaranteeing your spot in line. American-made banjos are handmade by luthiers with decades of experience. They won’t rush the building process just to get orders out the door and that’s why we love their banjos.

Again, we are grateful for your support of Banjo.com and the banjo community. We pray you are staying safe and healthy.

-The Banjo.com Team

*Update* 4/30/2021

We continue to receive shipments of new banjos from Deering as well as other manufacturers. We have most Goodtimes in stock outside of the Goodtime 2, Americana, and 6-strings. There’s still a wait on those models.

You may have seen an update from Deering on waiting well into 2022 for new banjos. This is true if you order directly from them. We are scheduled to receive regular shipments throughout the summer.

The fastest path to getting a new Deering banjo (and least expensive) is ordering through Banjo.com. When you order with us, you are holding your spot in line. We are first to receive banjos off the Deering assembly line in most cases. You might have to wait a couple weeks, possibly a couple of months, and you may not have to wait at all. It’s still not possible to predict exactly when we will get specific items. Orders are going out in the order that they were received.

We are so grateful for this community and what you are doing to keep family-owned American companies, like ours, in business. American-made banjos are worth the wait!

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

-The Banjo.com Team