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Do you, or a banjo player you know of, have difficulty keeping the ring finger stationed on the head of the banjo while pickiné? Well, look no further for a solution to this pickiné problem!


Clawhammer Banjo Primer Book with DVDs by Bradley Laird is a beginning course teaching the basics of clawhammer banjo. Clawhammer is an Old Time style of banjo playing dating back to the Civil War and it’s become popular lately.


Banjo Primer Deluxe Edition by Geoff Hohwald is the first true beginners course revealing the secrets of good Scruggs style 5 string banjo technique.  This course starts off with basics like parts of the banjo, how to tune, and simple rolls.


Banjo Songs Book with 2 Audio CDs by Geoff Hohwald combines the material from three previous books (Banjo Songs I, II, & III) into one complete book with tabs for 96 exciting breaks to 30 popular bluegrass songs the way the pros play them.


The Southern Rock/Bluegrass project with DVD of the Album being recorded live in the studio.