Perfect Touch Flat Face Medium 2 Piece Pick Set


The Perfect Touch Finger Pick Pair …a unique and innovative design from Rusty Thornhill, Tennessee USA, the NICKEL silver FLAT FACE Perfect Touch Fingerpick is comfortable to use and will give you a crisp, clean bright sound. This Hand crafted pair of matched Perfect Touch Finger picks is supplied with a lifetime guarantee that you won’t wear them out.

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Sizing your picks…

To determine your pick size, place your middle finger on a ruler and press down lightly.
If your finger is under 3/4″ wide at your first knuckle, then you need small picks.
If your finger is 7/8″ wide, or under, at your first knuckle, then you need medium picks.
If your finger is over 7/8″ wide at your first knuckle then you need large picks.

One of the brilliant and unique features of this excellent pair of picks, is that there are two wrap designs it is then easy to identify which pick you have chosen and moulded to fit ‘perfect’ on your index and middle fingers. When you put them on and start ”Pickin”, they feel the same every time.

Nickel or Brass? The differences…

Choose nickel if you want a bright crisp sound, choose brass if you like a warmer more gently sound.

In Use: The nickel silver pick will give you the brightest tone, the brass picks will give you the warmest full bodied tone.

The story of ‘The Perfect Touch Pick’ so far, written by our friends in Tennessee
Although National style fingerpicks have been around for the better part a hundred years, few finger-pickers are completely satisfied with how they work and feel. Among the complaints: if theyêre adjusted tightly enough to stay on , they hurt, not to mention the hangnails they can cause; for some, clicking picks is an annoyance; for others, it is difficult of impossible to finesse a musical piece with hurting fingers, or while worrying that at that moment a pick might come off and shoot across the stage.

Rusty Thornhill, a lifelong musician, recording studio engineer/producer, author, inventor, and technology developer, played a gut strung guitar for decades because his finger nails could not endure steel strings for more than one of two songs. Whne he tried to use National style finger picks, his •êtouch went out the window.êê For thirty years he dreamed of a finger pick that would feel like fingernails. He decided to make his heartês desire a reality. After what seemed like endless hours of development, and a drawer full of hand- made prototypes, Rusty Thornhillês dream at last emerged from the shadows. The result is what he calls Perfect Touch Finger PicksTM.(patented)

Designed as a set of at least two, each pick has a unique shape, which virtually prevents clicking. When snugly installed, it is almost impossible to sling them off the fingers. Some say the picks feel like part of the finger when they put them on. And while in truth, they may not feel exactly like fingernails, itês as close as one is liable to get with a finger pick. With these picks, one can actually achieve the •êperfect touch.êê

The picks are designed to reside above the cuticle. The middle finger pick is designed with a low wrap with cut-outs that allow the forefinger pick, which is designed with a unique high wrap, to touch the skin of the middle finger, instead of metal. This design of course, is what prevents clicking. The inside of each pick is lightly abraded, which in addition to the unique wraps, helps prevent the picks from slipping off. The picks come in three sizes, Small, medium and large: and in nickel silver and brass.

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