1991 Gibson RB-3


They used two different tone rings during the production from 1988 through 1993. The rings made by Richard Kulesh Sr. are my favorite, but the ones made by Bill Sullivan when Kulesh was having problems are also excellent in these banjos.

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Used 1991 Gibson RB-3

Greg Rich Era in Excellent Condition

Gibson Hardshell Case

This particular example was made is 1991 and has a Kulesh Sr. tone ring. Upon very close examination of this banjo, it appears to have suffered a drop somewhere along it’s life. It is very hard to tell, but I think the peghead had been cracked and very meticulously repaired. Virtually undetectable. The resonator sidewall also shows some signs of repair. That’s the bad new, though as I said the repair were very well done. These things, in my opinion, make this banjo a player as opposed to a collector. And, wow, what a player it is. It has all of the wonderful flathead sound that these banjos are known for. I have taken the banjo completely apart and started from the ring to rim fit and gone through a full blown set-up. The banjo now sports a new AMB head, Wadsworth bridge and DeAddario 60+ strings. The fingerboard has been cleaned and oiled and the frets show minor wear, and it does come with a set of Keith/Scruggs tuners. I don’t think this banjo actually saw that much playing. The wood is in good condition with a few buckle marks on the resonator, but very minor.

The wood is also very nice. Not worn or beat up, but it does have finish checking ,more like what you would see on a 50 + year old banjo. This is what I liked (and still like) about this banjo when I bought it as it is a high quality banjo with an older look to it. It has the original hard-shell case (that is worn). In the case is the original case key, Gibson hang tag, warranty card and the original purchase receipt.The price if I sell it is 2700.00 firm plus shipping and insurance. The head is autographed by “Ralph Stanley” , not that it adds to the value, but it was on there when I bought it and I don’t mind it at all. Please don’t e-mail me and tell me that “the market is soft” or that “you can buy other ,newer RB-3s for less” or even that “the Greg Rich” ones are no differant than the newer ones”. I, and others believe that there is a differance. If you are in the market for a “Greg Rich” RB-3 like this, in this price range , and are a ” serious buyer ” as opposed to a tire-kicker, give me a call @ 612-756-4588. If I still have this one year from now, I get to keep it as my college obligations will be completed.

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