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Made in USA

An Heirloom Banjo - The Texas Banjo commemorates the 150th year anniversary of Texas' independence from Mexico. Only 151 Texas banjos will be made, each with a serial number representing one of the years between 1836 and 1986.

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I first saw this 1945 herringbone D-28 a few years ago and have lusted after it ever since. It has recently come to me as a trade-in instead of a consignment, so the required procedures of neck reset, refret, and new bridge to replace the old radically shaved down bridge that I had done have really brought this guitar back to life.

Made in USA

The Deering Gabriella is the ultimate combination of luxurious beauty and incredible sound - the sparkle of the mother of pearl fingerboard is breath-taking like opening a box of jewels when you open the case and the tone of the Gabriella is outstanding. The Gabriella is the very top of the Deering line.

Made in USA

The Deering Banjosaurus is a longneck banjo custom made for George Grove of the Kingston Trio. The Deering Banjosaurus inlay features a colorful mural of the dinosaur age made from many different soapstones and mother-of-pearl.