Perfect Touch Round Face 2 Piece Pick Set – Small


Designed as a set of at least two, each pick has a unique shape, which virtually prevents clicking. When snugly installed, it is almost impossible to sling them off the fingers. Some say the picks feel like part of the finger when they put them on. And while in truth, they may not feel exactly like fingernails, its as close as one is liable to get with a finger pick. With these picks, one can actually achieve the ¥perfect touch.

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Sizing your picks…

To determine your pick size, place your middle finger on a ruler and press down lightly.
If your finger is under 3/4″ wide at your first knuckle, then you need small picks.
If your finger is 7/8″ wide, or under, at your first knuckle, then you need medium picks.
If your finger is over 7/8″ wide at your first knuckle then you need large picks.

The picks are designed to reside above the cuticle. The middle finger pick is designed with a low wrap with cut-outs that allow the forefinger pick, which is designed with a unique high wrap, to touch the skin of the middle finger, instead of metal. This design of course, is what prevents clicking.

The inside of each pick is lightly abraded, which in addition to the unique wraps, helps prevent the picks from slipping off. The picks come in three sizes, small, medium and large: and in nickel silver and brass.

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