Perfect Touch Flat Face Small 2 Piece Pick Set


Rusty Thornhill of Tennessee USA invented these polished NICKEL Perfect Touch FLAT FACE Finger-picks. He designed them to give you ultimate comfort, as well as a much warmer tone than that achieved with nickel silver finger picks. Rusty Thornhill hand craft’s these matched pair of Perfect Touch brass finger picks in his own home town in Tennessee and is so confident of their quality that he offers you a lifetime guarantee against you being able to wear them out.

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To decide upon your pick size, place your middle finger on a ruler and press down lightly.
If your finger is under 3/4″ wide at your first knuckle, then you require small picks.
If your finger is 7/8″ wide, or under, at your first knuckle, then you require medium picks.
If your finger is over 7/8″ wide at your first knuckle then you require large picks.

These unique picks are really well thought out and feature each pick in the pair having a different way of wrapping around your finger.

This means that once you have moulded the picks to fit you use the same one each time for your chosen finger leading to consistent playing and removal of those annoying pick clicks that seem in bred in so many other brands- simply brilliantÄ

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