Bill Keith D-Tuner Set Stainless Steel 2nd & 3rd


D-tuners are used so you can easily go between G and D tuning. They are also used for specialty songs that are fun and add a lot to your playing like Flint Hill Special, Earl’s Breakdown and Foggy Mountain Chimes.

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I guarantee the D tuners, if for some reason they do not fit or work for you, or you just don’t prefer them, I have a 30 day money back guarantee on the tuners. They really do work, I am using them. They come on and off easy too. I don’t always need D-tuners and I can put these on and take them off as I feel like it. Then I can use my regular tuning pegs without having to work around the set screws that are on normal D-tuners while doing every day tuning, and at shows. I am really, really impressed with these.

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