Bill Keith D-Tuner Set Gold-Plated 2nd & 3rd


Now you can spend less time setting screws on D-tuners and concentrate on using the tuners when you need them. These really work and don’t require any modification to your banjo. By using these tuners it allows you to use the normal pegs on your banjo for tuning without needing to set, un-set or work around the screws on normal D-tuners.

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Keith “D” Tuners Specify for 2nd and 3rd strings (standard) or for 1st and 4th Strings: Thumbscrew friction adjustment – durable nylon friction washer – splined button shaft gives choice of three button positions for most convenient use – fits standard 3/8″ hole in peg-head – handsome pearlescent buttons – 4 to 1 planetary gears – stainless steel construction – retaining springs to help prevent accidental loss of thumbscrews – lifetime guarantee to original purchaser – proven in use since 1963 – versatile and easy to use.

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