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Out of the entire line of Recording King banjos, we stock the R-35 and up. This includes all of their Elite Series banjos and two banjos from their Madison Series. These eye-catching banjos are popular due to their prewar styling. Not only do they look great, but they also include a classic Mastertone-style bell brass cast tone ring so expect a powerful sound. They are excellent banjos at a lower price point compared to similar models.

The RK R-35 and R-36 are best-sellers when it comes and are very similar with a few notable differences. Hardshell case included with purchase.

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Before shipping, we professionally setup every Recording King banjo. This includes setting the bridge, checking string tension, tuning and spiking upon request. We do a detailed inspection for any damage or vibrations and then carefully package for shipment.

Included with your banjo is a free starter pack. A set of picks, a tuner, a banjo strap, and an instructional DVD. We also include a six-week video series of beginner banjo lessons taught by a master banjo instructor.

Since 2003 we have put our customers first. Stocking the best selection of banjos and making buying a new banjo easy is our mission. If you have any questions before or after your purchase, you can call and talk to a banjo expert. Our resident expert and owner, Barry Waldrep, is a lifelong banjo player who can answer any banjo question you have. If there is an issue with your purchase, we make returns easy.

Recording King R-35 vs. R-36 | Best Selling Recording King Models

Both of these banjos are best sellers and are very similar. If you are on the fence about which model is right for you, take a look at the key differences.

The R-35 resonator and neck are made with maple while the R-36 resonator and neck are made with mahogany. The type of wood used in construction will affect the tone. There are forums dedicated to debating which wood is the best wood, but it really comes down to your personal preference. Maple tends to be a harder wood than mahogany so banjos made with a maple resonator will seem louder. Listen to a few recordings of each banjo and you might be able to hear the subtle difference.

The R-36 features planetary tuning machines while the R-35 has uses planetary ivory button tuners.

Aside from the wood used, the other major difference is that the R-36 comes in a glossy brown finish while the R-35 hand-rubbed brown satin finish.

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