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Enjoy huge savings on 5-String Resonator banjos, often played in the Bluegrass style of music. These banjos have a resonator attached to the back of the pot which projects the sound forward, away from the banjo player. These banjos tend to produce a bright and lively sound compared to the more muted tones of the open-back banjo. We carry many 5-String Resonator Banjos, some are right for a professional and some are better suited for a beginner banjo player. One of our most popular beginner bluegrass banjos is the Deering Goodtime 2, which is a great investment for someone new the banjo scene. All banjo players will save when they purchase any of our Bluegrass Banjos for sale!


Just like its little cousin, the Goodtime banjo, the Deering Goodtime 2 is rich on sound and value. The Goodtime 2 comes built with a resonator that gives it that bright and big bluegrass sound. Made with care and precision, it offers quality and playability in an affordable package for players of all levels.

$759.00 $689.00

A small 5-string banjo for travel, teaching children or for simple enjoyment by anyone, the Goodtime Parlor is just plain cute. It is tuned in G just the same as a 22 fret banjo, but it is 4 inches shorter with only 19 frets.

$839.00 $759.00

John McEuen enjoys inspiring others to play music and as ‘Johnny Banjoseed’, he encouraged the Deering Banjo Company to release a John McEuen Goodtime Two™ banjo that he could promote and inspire others to pick up the banjo.

$899.00 $809.00

Includes a Goodtime Two banjo, a Deering gig bag, banjo strap, picks, tuner, and a beginner DVD. This package includes everything needed to successfully get started playing the banjo! Including the perfect light weight Goodtime banjo that you can take with you when you travel.

$1,089.00 $979.00

The Goodtime Special Resonator is also built with Deering’s new Tone Ring, which also gives the banjo its powerfully bright and sparkling tone. The banjo’s volume also wins points with players, and helps students hear themselves better during practice.


An oustanding value! With the addition of the all-new Madison RK-R35, banjo players have an option of a high-quality, great-sounding banjo with a classic Mastertone-style tone ring and flange. Includes a hardshell case.

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$1,533.99 $1,149.99

An oustanding value in a professional-level banjo, hard-shell case included! Banjo players have an option of a high-quality, great-sounding banjo with a classic Mastertone-style tone ring and flange.

$1,399.00 $1,199.00

The vintage look and vibrant tone of the patented Goodtime Special tone ring set this banjo apart, as clearly louder than the Goodtime Two and great for playing in a band setting.

$1,369.00 $1,229.00

A White Head alone banjo with a modern look, the Midnight Special is the top of the Goodtime line. It has our new patent pending Tone Ring mounted on a violin grade maple 3-ply rim for a sound that is absolutely amazing in an affordable banjo.

$2,199.00 $1,599.00

Limited! The banjo pictured on the cover and recorded on the Bluegrass Album was a prewar RB-3 that has been with Saga for more than 30 years.

$1,999.00 $1,600.00

Designed by Greg Rich, this bluegrass banjo features classic pre-war styling, recalling the most supremely crafted banjos from the Golden Age of musical instruments. Now available in left- and right-handed models. The RK-R80 offers a pre-war (WWII) sound at an affordable price.

$2,266.99 $1,699.99

Modeled after the original Mastertone banjos of the 1930's, the Recording King RK-Elite offers players vintage sound and handcrafted construction.