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The Golden Gate P-13 is a 11" rolled brass tension hoop that is grooved to accept flat hooks. The triple nickel-plating gives it a beautiful luster and really has that vintage look. It is patterned after a classic design from the 1920's so its the perfect addition to any new build project or as a replacement in a vintage restoration.


A vintage, 1930's style one-piece nickel-plated zinc-alloy flange plate. Designed to fit most vintage and modern bluegrass banjos that utilize a one-piece flange.


Gold Plated Brass 24 Bracket Hoop


Authentic Mastertone-Style Replica One-Piece Pot Metal Construction 10-11/16-Inch Diameter Unplated


Gold Plated Brass 24 Bracket Hoop


Banjo aficionado Jaroslav Prucha is obsessed with pre-war banjos, like those made by Gibson in the 1920s and '30s. Studying an original flange, Prucha found marks that reveal secrets of how it was machined and plated. Now he's creating perfect copies of that 80-year old flange from the Kalamazoo factory.